Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Today's Schools Must Be Oriented Towards the Future

Welcome to One World Education Centre. Our founding mission is to establish, operate, and maintain a school as an independent model for American and Pacific states by adapting a European education for the children of people wanting to obtain an education for their children that is similar to that of Geneva’s United Nations international school, and to promote educational activity of international character.
 It shall strive to achieve this founding mission by:
(1) providing primary, secondary, and post-secondary schooling alternatives to national systems;
(2) emphasizing educational excellence, innovation, and relevance to the international as well as the local environment;
(3) allowing for the preparation of students for reintegration into their own cultures or for integration into other cultures;
(4) allowing for the continuation of the education and development of students who leave our Centre.

(It should be noted that, while inspired by the three institutions to which this post has established web links, One World Education Centre has no formal, legal link with any of them; I only wish to acknowledge their models, from which I have learned much.)

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